What is RankBrain? And Can You Use It to Optimize Your Website?

Last year when Google declared RankBrain had become the third most important ranking factor that they evaluate to rank the websites within a few months of use. With the evolving Google Algorithm, it is certain RankBrain is going to play an essential role in ranking the sites.

This system operates by provisioning to the users’ need for data in a way that the user’s search can be get predicted before they can even type the complete sentence. With this Google also get to feed their users with the other similar links that are based on your previous searches. This helps in improving the user experience and also help the search results become more efficient. Other than that below are some more things that you should know about RankBrain.

RankBrain is machine-learning AI technology made by Google. With the help of it’s AI technology the computers can perform the human jobs in two aspects: gathering information and collecting information and then use that data to provide something useful. With AI and machine learning, RankBank acts as a filter that provides improved and more relatable searches and helps in the optimization of the search engine as well.

To provide fastest and reliable searches, RankBank displays the result of Google Hummingbird Search Algorithm. Hummingbird is merely a Google search algorithm that scrolls through millions of pages to find the most appropriate answer.

RankBank searches most optimized so that webmasters can make the simple changes to their SEO strategy to get the more traffic and better optimization.

RankBank uses the AdWords so that the individuals can use them to create their websites higher rank by better optimization of keywords. Adwords attract the organic traffic that can help your site get more traffic and better SEO ranking.

Within just a couple of month in use, RankBank has become the top feature used by Google for the Search Engine Optimisation. RankBank focuses on improving the quality of search results that now appears faster and are offers the most relatable content to feed their users need.

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