New Google Features Provide Great Exposure For The Business

New Google Features

Looking for the best ways to promote your business? It could be a daunting job to optimize the business that becomes very easy with the help of Google my business. It provides the latest features for Optimization. In addition, Google is one of the best Optimization resources all over the world on the internet.  It invests a lot of time or effort to build the best tools for the great exposure of the business. Let’s check for all the tools that you could have to boost business sales.

Google posts

Do you want to take your business on a global level? You can make a post about your business that is related to an event blog for anything. If you are planning to organize an event for your business, that is the right place to write about. Google posts are removed after 7 days of publishing so you have to mention the date of the event. You can use the Google post to create the blog post or add or link it into your event pages on the website. If you have a store then you will be able to make the great promotions of your store with Google posts.


It is one of the very helpful features. It is like an online chat service where people can send SMS. You should download the app that allows you to answer the questions. You can download the app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Register on the app with the same number that you sign up for the message on Google my business. The messages the start appears on Google instead of the general messaging app.  You have to be aware when you turn on the messages because the response time is publicly available.

Description of business

It’s required to add a business description profile.  It is a great way to promote your business with a well-written business profile or description. You can show the world how you can bring some changes or what you are serving to the people. This is the right place to differentiate your business safe level from the competition. You can describe your home business within 750 characters. So don’t miss the opportunity to promote your business with a creative business description on the page of your site. You should use the helpful content word or catchy words.

Question or answers

Google provides the control to use the questions and answers about the business related to services or products. If someone has a query to know about your product, details or prices then you can on the questions and answers. You will be able to remove the Complaints, useless questions from the section.

Appointment booking

It is one of the best features that provide services to the book the appointment. The appointment of the booking feature can be used to promote the calendar of the booking page on the website. The customers will be able to go on the booking calendar with a link.  If you have a website for booking a calendar on there then don’t be worried because of a Google over the list of required schedule providers.

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