How to Use Facebook to Market Your Brand?

Facebook is the giant social platform that helps in social interactions and offers scores of business opportunities for growing your business. Now the question is how you can use Facebook to promote your brand. According to a survey, there are about 1.18 billion users who are active on Facebook daily and each user on an average spend about 50 minutes daily on Facebook.

Things You Need to Do to Promote Your Business on Facebook

#1. Set Up the Facebook ‘Business Page’

  • First of all, you need to visit  for creating the Facebook page.
  • The next step is to choose from six categories such as local business; company, place or institution; product or brand; public figure, brand or artist; community or cause and entertainment.
  • After setting up a name for your business page, you can press ‘Get started’ and your ‘Business Page’ is created.
  • You can then complete your business page by adding a profile picture, cover photo and a short description to tell everything about your business.
  • Make sure to create a unique username for your ‘business page’.

#2. How to Get Facebook Likes?

Once your page is setup, the next step is to get Facebook likes. You could create a business page on Facebook for product launching, building brand awareness, collecting leads and for driving sales. No matter for what you set up your business page, getting likes is crucial for the growth of your business.

As your prime goal on Facebook is to engage with real people, buying likes on Facebook is not a good idea. Instead, it is a good idea to promote your business page on Facebook and depend on the other assets of marketing. You can begin by filling your business page with adequate information and then write a description with the searchable information. Be careful to not overuse the keywords. Write the overview and insert backlinks to your website as well as to the other ‘social media’ accounts. Make sure all the vital information such as phone numbers, operating hours and e-mail is present on your business page. Adequate information would boost the authenticity of your ‘Facebook Page’ and garner you more likes.

#3. Promote Your Brand with Smart Content

The most effective way to lure more visitors to your website is with good content. Your ‘Facebook Page’ is the information hub and hence you must be careful about what you post. It is a good idea to post information along with images. This would double the rate of your user-engagement. Facebook experts suggest posting the right size of the images.

#4. Links are Valuable to Reach Out to More Audience

A good way to make more people visit your webpage is with the help of links. You could encourage people to read your blog by sharing the link on your Facebook page.

This is how Facebook can help you to market your brand in no time. Do not forget to make use of the key features of Facebook for brand promotion such as ‘Facebook Live’, ‘Facebook Virtual Reality’, ‘Facebook Instant Articles’, posting videos etc.

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