Google Spam Link Algorithm Update to Roll Out

The major search engine – Google has started rolling out ‘the link spam update’ from 26th July. This update will make the algorithm more effective to identify and nullify link spam. This rolled out will take almost two weeks to roll out broadly to search engine result page in multiple languages. The company’s announcement suggests the website owners to put a great emphasis upon targeting links from affiliate, guest, and sponsored content. If you notice any sharp drop in your website ranking recently, then it related to this new Google update. In such case, you should ensure that all of your links are natural and according to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

This is just a reminder to mark up affiliate content with the right rel values. With this update, Google wants website owners to do more focus upon on how to add links within the content wherein an exchange value is involved.

The Best Practices for Google Link Tag

The company suggests all the website owners to qualify links in an appropriate way when doing linking to other websites. The websites need to include tags to links where two domains have a value exchange. In actual, the search engine dominant singles out links from guest and sponsored content, and also, affiliate links. Below are some recommendations from Google for each type of link: –

Guest post links: Mark up your guest posts links with the rel = “nofollow” value

Sponsored post links: Whether links are paid placements or advertisements, they should be marked up with the rel=”sponsored” value.

Affiliate links: The company asks the website owners participating in affiliate programs to qualify links with rel = “sponsored” whether they are created dynamically or manually.

To sum up, the company adds further that there may be issue manual actions if it finds websites fail to qualify these link types appropriately.

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